my story


the short story… 

In 2010, I dropped everything to move to France to pursue my culinary dreams. I started this blog out of sheer laziness as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my experiences in Paris. I have since returned to the states and now live in New York City where I work as a pastry cook and freelance writer/editor.


the long story…

In the fall of 2009, as trite as it sounds, I decided to step off the path I was on and create a new one. Most of my life I have been very predictable. I graduated college (the same college that both my parents attended), then I got a “good” job in “the city,” which growing up in the Bay Area means San Francisco. I moved to said city. I worked hard at my job for three years, then decided that the next logical step would be to go to business school and get my MBA. I spent a year studying for the GMAT, taking it twice, once happy with my score I began researching schools, and finally narrowed my list down to four schools. Before I started the application process, I took a well needed vacation to visit my friend Emily who lives in Italy. While there I made a pact with myself to not think about work or b-school applications for the entire 10 days. I didn’t bring my computer, I turned off my iPhone, left my blackberry at home, and I was deliriously relaxed. One day while walking around Milan, I was making grand “if I could do anything” type statements and I told Emily that if I could truly do anything in the world, I would move to France and go to culinary school. Being the romantic expat she is, she said then why don’t I. I explained that I couldn’t because that wasn’t the plan, but that maybe after b-school and after I had worked a few years and after I got married but before I had kids, I could try to find a job in Europe and move here for a short stint. It wouldn’t be culinary school, but it sounded pretty nice.

Jump forward a few days later and I was on a plane back to California. During one of those moments of clarity that you get right after a bout of turbulence (you know when you think for just an instant that maybe this is it and the plane is going to crash and then it doesn’t because it’s just turbulence and you are being silly, but right after for a few moments you feel like you had escaped death), well it was then that I decided that I could move to France and go to culinary school. And I didn’t let the thought disintegrate, as thoughts like that often do, I held onto it and came up with a new plan… so just a few months later in March of 2010, I was back on a plane to Europe, but this time it was to move to Paris where I attended Le Cordon Bleu.



10 responses to “my story

  1. Diane Kelly

    Love what you have written so far, happy I raised a daughter who follows her dreams. Mom XXXO

  2. I guess I typed my comment in the wrong place! Oh,well……Love you,Rose….Keep following your dream….Gram K

  3. Samantha Young

    I love this already….can’t wait to read more…

    big hug.

  4. Suzanne Kanner

    I loved reading your blog so much, and seeing the photos! That’s an accomplishment in itself. Thanks for sharing and answering all those “questions”. You look so cute in your uniform, and I love your baby (apt.).
    Im’ happy you are having such a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to your next posting. Lots of love, Suzanne

  5. John Elliott

    Hi Rose. Your mom & dad passed on your blog info as did Abby. Great reading and you have my admiration for “breaking out of the box.” And what a great choice for destination, both location and avocation. If you can’t get into the pub, just remember sitting at a small table outside a brassiere nursing a cold beer doesn’t get much better. Keep your posts coming–got you bookmarked.


  6. Christina Clemm

    I am dying. This is so exciting. I never knew the whole story. I am thrilled for you. It sounds AM-AZING. Josh and I have two chances to live in Europe for short stints last year, but we didn’t take them. I bet we will regret it in the end.
    Your writing is amazing. I am very excited to hear more. Congrats Rose. What a dream come true!

  7. Callie

    Hey Rose, this blog is amazing, I’m so jealous of your journey in Paris but I’m excited to live through you reading it! It’s great Pat being back, but weird that YOU’RE not here! Hope all is well, take care!

  8. Brenda House

    Hi Rose,
    I finally made it to your blog and I love it! Congratulations on following your heart, persuing your dreams, and creating a new plan…

  9. i *adore* your story- and you have my vote on Food52. have you read the sharper your knife the less you cry? i just finished it and your story reminds me of hers…and vice versa. best wishes- and e bravissima for making this move! x shayma

  10. Suzanne Kanner

    Oh boy!!!! The story continues! Love your writing style and hearing all about your advenutures.
    Life is such a wonderful journey when you follow your path.
    Lots of love,

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